The Blended 5 is a blog about our big blended family and the wonderful craziness that generally ensues. I’ll be sharing our stories; stories of wonderful triumph, disappointment, challenges, chaos, learning, acceptance and a whole lot of grace. I’ll also share tips on how Ryan and I organized seven people’s stuff into a three bedroom house, how we make ends meet each month and how we try to raise our kids to just not be general buttheads.

Besides being a mother of five, I am also a high school English teacher, and soon-to-be wife of my 8th grade crush.

I have degrees in Journalism, English and Education, but none of that prepared me for being the Mama Bear of five cubs. The only halfsies in our house are pizzas and the only steps lead to back porch sittin’. Yes, they are all mine.

My mom (and teacher) brain never shuts off, but I also love to write fiction pieces, read anything I can get my hands on, try out new recipes (much to the pleasure, and sometimes dismay, of our herd) and build projects with pallets – all of which I hope to share with you.

I started this blog because I think Ryan and I have a pretty great story and our kids give us endless topics to write about.